Sculpture of Fine Art College at Hong-Ik University [M.F.A] – Graduated in 2016

Dept. of Art Education at Hannam University [B.F.A] Graduated in 2009




Solo Exhibition

Unvoiced Poetry. Suwon Artcenter. Suwon. 2018

No Signal. Alternative Space Sonahmoo. Anseong. 2018

River curved, at the shore I await you. Cheongju Art Studio. Cheongju. 2018

Translate a Miracle. SEUM ArtSpace. Seoul. 2016



Group Exhibition

Vapor House. Bosan-dong. Dongducheon. 2019

Salon De Sejong. BRT Small Museum. Sejong. 2018

Golden Toad Tour2016-2018. Chunngnam Contents Korea Lab. Cheonan. 2018

New Wave: Code10. Cheonan Art Center. Cheonan. 2018

Vapor House. Neapan Storage. Sejong

Green Body. Alternative Space Sonahmoo. Anseong

How to Move. BRT Small Museum. Sejong

Echo. Sejong Culture Center. Sejong

Unfamiliar Start. Space Sieun. Jeon-Ju

Gujing Biennale • Nature and Art. 2017

A Final Showcase for Daejeon Research project. Artist Residency TEMI. 2017

Closed Fantasia. GyeongIn Land. Bucheon. 2017

Project Gallery Anywhere. Seongnam Central Park. Bundang. 2017

Unfamiliar, Arrival. Cheongju Art Studio. Cheongju. 2017

Green Guerilla. Alternative Space Sonahmoo. Anseong. 2017

Vapor House. 429-4, Bosan-dong. Dongducheon. 2016

Crossing. YATOO AIR2016 Final Exhibition ll. Yeonmisan Art Park. Gong-ju. 2016

[m:art]. Seoul Metropolitan Government. Seoul. 2016

Seven Eyes. GwangMyung UpcycleArtCenter . Gwang-Myung. 2016

[m:art]. Vostok. Seoul. 2015

Re-Born Art. GwangMyung UpcycleArtCenter . Gwang-Myung. 2015

Move. Goong-Dabang Gallery. Gwang-ju. 2014

Tasty Art. IANG Gallery. Seoul. 2014

Older Brother's Advice. Gaon Gallery. InChon. 2013

AR Festival. Asia Publication Culture & Information Center. PaJu. 2012

Look. korea cultural service shanghai. shaghai, China. 2012

Chain letter. Chung-suk supermarket studio. Seoul. 2011

Hi Seoul Festival. Seoul. 2010

Murdered Shopping Cart. Seoul art space Sindang . Seoul. 2010




Dongwha Art Studio. 2019

UNIST Science&Art Residency. 2018

Cheongju Art Studio. 2017

YATOO International Residence. 2016

Chuncheon International Mime Festival Residency. 2016

GwangMyung UpcycleArtCenter Residency. 2015



Fund & Awards

Promising Artist. Suwon Culture Foundationt. 2018

Exciting Arts Tour. Arts Council Korea. 2018

Gyeong Gi Cultural Foundation Northern Cultural Agency. Korea. 2018

Daejeon Research Project. Artist Residency TEMI. Korea. 2017

Chungnam Culture Technology Industry Agency. Korea. 2016

Gyeong Gi Cultural Foundation. Korea. 2016

Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. Korea. 2015

Nominated at BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER. Germany. 2015